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Tesla Powerwall is revolutionising the way Australian households use and store their electricity.

With power prices sky-rocketing in recent years, solar batteries can help you store excess solar power across the day to use in the evening, often during the times when power prices are at their highest.

Tesla's Powerwall also features backup protection, allowing you to run essential appliances in the home during a blackout such as the fridge, freezer, a few lights, or perhaps the modem, etc.

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Solaray Energy is leading Australia’s solar storage revolution in partnership with Tesla. Your new Tesla Powerwall 2 features: 

  • Manufactured to the highest safety standards from the global leader in residential battery storage
  • 13.5kWh of storage - capture excess solar power that would otherwise be sent to the grid
  • Backup protection in the case of a blackout
  • Compatible with all existing solar systems
  • Includes Online Configuration, System Monitoring and Tech Support provided by Solaray’s Online Support Team
  • Finance is available

If you have any questions about the planning and installation of your new Powerwall 2, please don’t hesitate to contact the Solaray Team at any time, either through live chat or by calling us on 1300 525 451.

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Solaray Energy

Solaray Energy

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As one of the largest and most experienced independent Solar & Storage Companies in Australia, Solaray is the best choice to ensure a smooth and expertly configured installation of your Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Battery.